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Resistor applications.



The neutral of the transformer or generator is connected to ground through a Neutral Grounding Resistor(NGR) to limit phase-to-ground fault currents.The reasons for limiting the current, in case of a line-to ground fault, are the following:
a) To reduce burning and melting effects in faulted electric equipment, such as switchgear, transformers, cables, machines.
b) To reduce mechanical stresses in circuits and apparatus.
c) To reduce electric-shock hazards to personnel.
d) To reduce the arc blast or flash hazard to personnel.
e) To reduce the momentary line-voltage dips.
f) To secure control of transient overvoltages


Resistance grounding may be either of two classes, high resistance or low resistance,distinguished by the magnitude of ground-fault current permitted to flow.



Dynamic braking resistors are used for rheostatic braking of electrical motors. The excess kinetic energy resulting from braking or slowing down the load is dissipated on electrical resistors.

When you have to brake the motor faster than the losses allow, you have to use an external braking resistor for energy dissipation together with a braking chopper device.

We design powerful braking resistors for applications of centrifuges, cranes and similar applications where DBRs are required.


Loadbanks are resistors for loading gensets or other power sources so that they can be tested to ensure they can deliver their rated power in actual loading conditions.

  • Factory testing of Diesel Gensets,

  • Periodic exercising of stand-by engine Gensets,

  • UPS System testing​

  • Battery System testing

  • Aviation Ground Power Unit (GPU) Testing

  • Load optimization in prime power applications

  • Remove and prevent carbon-buildup on piston heads



Our resistor units are widely used in motor control applications where electronic drive systems become inadequate due to severe operating conditions having heavy vibration, very high ambient temperatures, dust and humidity as the prime parameter of design.

Start resistors are used in conjunction with switch-starters or contactors for starting and speed regulating of AC slipring motors as well as DC motors. Contrary to popular belief, starting resistors are still used widely in heavy industries such as Iron and Steel Mills, Cement Plants, Mines.

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